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How does BST guarantee the delivery date

May 22, 2020

Latest company news about How does BST guarantee the delivery date

BST has a stable supply chain, including packaging materials, CNC processing, cutting, glass materials,

polarizing films and other auxiliary materials. They are strategic suppliers that have cooperated for many

years and can fully meet BST's shipping requirements. Among them, CNC and cutting are important.

We also have a shareholding, focusing on the core coating, lens ring and bracket R&D technology.



The core team of BST employees have known each other for more than 5 years. They have strong management

ability and cohesion, and they are also very familiar with the products. In order to meet the critical moment of

customer delivery, they can rush to the production line.



Starting from the customer contacting the order, we will hold an order review meeting to determine the tasks at

each time stage, and then reply to the delivery date. Once the delivery date is negotiated with the customer,

if there are no special circumstances, it will generally only be advanced and will not be delayed. After a postponement,

we will also take the initiative to contact the customer as soon as possible until we reach an agreement with the customer.

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