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Our company has strict OEM / ODM regulations to fully protect the rights of customers, the details are as follows:

1、 Term and mode of cooperation:

1) The cooperation period is generally determined through negotiation with customers.

2)The cooperation mode is generally OEM.


2、 Product production

Customers provide technical parameters, quality inspection standards and drawings of product. Our company is responsible for organizing production. The product quality shall be implemented according to the specifications signed by both parties; the delivery date shall be completed according to the order requirements of Party A.


3、 Product packaging

Usually, the customer provides the brand trademark and related instruction, label, nameplate, certificate, warranty card and other information of the product. Our company is responsible for the other internal and external packaging and materials, and completes the product packaging task according to the requirements of the customer's product order.


4、 Product technical quality, acceptance and delivery place

1) The customer provides the drawing data according to the product specification and model for our company's reference production. After the sample is completed and confirmed to be qualified by the customer's inspection, it will be sealed as a specimen for reference and identification in case of disagreement between both parties in the inspection and acceptance in the future.

2)The materials used in the production of our products must meet the requirements of relevant national industry quality standards and environmental protection quality standards. Customers have the right to send personnel to supervise and test the quality control of raw materials and accessories in the production process of OEM products, and our company should actively cooperate and assist.

3) Product quality acceptance standards and methods: according to customer’s sample quality acceptance standards.

4) Product quality inspection and acceptance are generally carried out in our factory;

5) The delivery place of products shall be executed according to the place specified in the customer's order.


5、 Product maintenance

The shelf life of the product is one year. During this period, we are responsible for the after-sales service caused by product quality problems.


6、 Product price and settlement method

1) Product price: according to the order price agreed by both parties in due time;

2)Settlement method: 50% advance deposit according to the total order payment; the balance shall be settled and paid on the day of delivery. Cash or bank settlement is acceptable; details are subject to negotiation between both parties.


7、 Product intellectual property and sales authority

1)The intellectual property belongs to the customers, and our company shall not produce and operate independently or be a third party in any form and reason

2)The sales right of the products belongs to the exclusive ownership of the customers, and we shall not sell the products by ourselves or by a third party.


8、 Confidentiality provisions

1)The intellectual property of the products involved in the project belongs to the customer; the product technical data, drawings and physical samples provided by the customer to our company are only used when the customer orders for our company; during the use process, the confidentiality work should be strictly done. Without the written consent of the customer, it is not allowed to use it for other purposes or hand it over to a third party for reference or use; and it is also not allowed to hand over the main production work of the project to a third party.

2)Both parties are unconditionally obliged to keep confidential for the other party in respect of confidential matters such as product technology, production process and commercial information of both parties involved in the project. Without the permission of the other party, neither party shall disclose the commercial secrets or technical information of the other party now or in the future to a third party. Otherwise, it will be punished as breach of contract and liable for legal compensation.


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BST has formed a complete industrial chain system from research and development, manufacturing to sales. It has an optical product R&D center and a manufacturing plant with a thousand-level clean room. It can undertake ODM and OEM business of various optical products. The company has a highly specialized R&D, technology and quality management team. The core members have more than 12 years of working experience in optical products.


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